Two amazing Mediums in 1 night!
​$25 tickets!!

​Friday, September 27, 7-9pm - Astral Journeys Center, 1811 Western Avenue, Albany, NY
Tickets $25 VIP $65 (Doors open at 6:15pm for VIP) (Doors open at 6:50 for General Admission)
Audience limited to 100 people

Please join psychic mediums Intuitive Medium Christine Seebold and Lori Doupe Sheridan for an amazing evening of spirit messages from loved ones on the other-side. The event is the opportunity to experience the miracle and healing of communiction from your loved ones. Both mediums will deliver evidential messages from spirit with love and compassion. Do not miss this opportunity to have two famous mediums deliver messages from your loved ones. Chrisine and Lori will do what is called double linking, this is where both mediums communicte with your loved one and the messages are amazing. If you are looking to contact messing loved ones then this is an event for you to attend!! Chris and Lori will be doing readings durimg the VIP session).

To puruchase your tickets and read more about Lori and Christine, visit www.astraljourneyscenter.com (purchasing a ticket does not guarantee you a reading).

$25 Tickets

$65 VIP Tickets

Q17 with Alice Harwood
September 14 and 15th
Saturday  10-5pm - Sunday 10-12pm  $117

What is Q17?
Q17 is an energetic process to receive:
“Consciously programmable quantum energetic frequencies of Unconditional Love from Source, as well as  the question to all answers in connecting, harmonizing & recovering Multidimensional Aspects of Heart, Consciousness, Will & Body”
What does it do for you?
A Q17 session can help you attain a greater experience of health, happiness and connection to your own True Self, Life Purpose & Sovereignty. This level of empowerment requires more compassion, kindness, and awareness of greater possibilities as individuals - and the world. Individual results vary, depending on personal levels of imbalance. Some results have amazed me!

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September 8th
Private Sessions

Private Sound Therapy Sessions with Mark David - Astral Journeys

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Toni Craft
​Owner, Reiki Rocks

 Christine Seebold
Owner, Astral Journeys

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