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Christine does mediumship/psychic reading by appointment only! Click here to see her schedule and make an appointment. 

If you are looking to get a psychic/tarot reading, on Saturday's we will have readers available to do 15, 30 or 60 minute readings.
The Astral Journeys Team

Welcome to Astral Journeys! Our mission is to provide instruction, resources and material to help you on your personal journey towards soul development. We want to welcome you to the Astral Journeys community.  We are growing and developing a bit more each day. We hope to help you do the same. Welcome and enjoy your journey!
- The Staff

As a child my Grandmother used to tell me that I would spend my life using my mediumship/psychic abilites to help others. I would always tell her "nope", she would say, "ok" with the laugh that followed. Well she was right as ALWAYS. This year I was very pleased to open the "Astral Journeys Center".  I am committed to bringing the BEST classes and instructors to the Capital District so that you can expand your horizons. 

As a lifelong medium with genuine psychic abilities, I have been speaking with people who have crossed over since I was 2 years old. I was too young to know that what I could do is something special that only a select few individuals are capable of doing. To me it all seemed natural because my abilities were revealed to me at such an early age.

As I grew up, I began using my gift to help people find answers to important life questions they need guidance and direction with. As the genuine psychic medium Albany NY folks trust, I am committed to providing the closure, direction, and guidance people need to move forward with their life in a more positive light.

Last year I came out with my own tarot deck, Oracle of the Nile. You can go here to order the deck and check out a free class:​  You can also visit my website here:  

I look forward to seeing you at my Center where we are committed to YOU. 

- Christine 

Christine Seebold
​Owner, Astral Journeys Center

My name is Toni Craft. I always describe myself as a late bloomer..found my path later in life. I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher.  Reiki is a form of spiritual healing that channels "universal life energy" through the practitioner to the recipient. Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit for yourself and can be sent to others for their well being.  I have been practicing Reiki on both humans and pets for about 10 years. I lean towards a more Shamanic approach with my Reiki by incorporating rattles, crystals and essential oils into sessions. Stress or emotions and past trauma or struggles can cause energy blockages in the present time so my goal is to have people or animals have emotional releases and heal on different levels.

My passion is crystals, I love love love them! . Crystals come in many shapes and sizes and have countless uses. I love to teach clients how to use crystals to promote healing and to help in manifesting their desires.

Everyone should have crystals in their life and I hope to do that with the Astral Journeys Shop! There is something for any age, any price range.

Classes offered:
- Usui Reiki Classes of all levels. Plus monthly Reiki Shares

- Crystal classes from Crystal 101 to Grids for your home and/or business

- Young Living Essential Oils, Learn to  incorporate them into your family,        life, pets, cleaning and make up. Also Make n’ Take wiorkshops

- Fairy House & Garden Workshops



Toni Craft
Owner, Reiki Rocks Gift Shop
(located at Astral Journeys)

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